Discovering Enna

Itineraries and attractions of the territory

Discovering Enna

Archaeological Park

  •  The Villa Romana del Casale (ph.+39  0935.680036) is open every day including holidays.
  • Until the last Saturday in March the ticket office will be open from 9.00 to 16.00, the gate will be closed at 17.00. The first Sunday of each month is free access. For all visitors to the cost of the ticket is € 10.00.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Aidone (Ph. +39 0935.87307) is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00 and the cost of the ticket is € 6.00.
  • The archaeological site of Morgantina (ph. +39 0935.87955) is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00 and the cost of the ticket is € 6.00.
  • The visitor can purchase the combined ticket of € 14,00 to access all these sites of the Archaeological Park.


  • Lake Pergusa reserves

    The Special Nature Reserve of Lake Pergusa is spread over an area of 402 hectares and contains the only natural lake of the territory. It’s the place where it happened the legendary Rape of Proserpina that began with the seasons; There is the famous race track that runs inside the lake and you can circumnavigate from an endless one-way street 5 kilometer traveled by car, by bike or on foot in which there is the entrance of the park Pergusina, open until at sunset and equipped with picnic areas and games for children and pens where fawns and wild boar; Next door is the field of olive germplasm of Villa Zagaria from around the world and the home of the CEA site in the possibility of Birdwatching by reservation by calling +39 339.7133140.

  • Enna, Capital of the highest Italian province

    On fine clear days it is recommended to visit the Norman Castle and the adjacent Ceres Rock from which you can admire the Etna and a fantastic view of the countryside Enna; do not miss a visit to the Duomo; Monte stands out in the area called the Tower of Frederick and at the bottom of the square stands the Church of Europe Montesalvo flanked the obelisk that indicates the geographical center of Sicily; feature and the panoramic Belvedere Terrace with the famous fountain with the statue of the rat Proserpine located in the pedestrian area of ​​Viale Marconi.

    On a mountain in front of Enna is the quaint town of Calascibetta that has kept the old architecture of the past and offers many places to visit.

  • Train Museum VILLAROSA and cities of Villapriolo museum

    Visit the Train Museum in Villarosa railway station (Ph. +39 0935.31126) and ancient Villapriolo homes.

    Leonforte and the Sperlinga Castle

    Visit the famous “Granfonte” of Leonforte and the beautiful castle of Sperlinga with museum and the old houses.

Nature Reserves Orientate

  • R.N.O. Rossomanno Bellia – has an area of 2,044 hectares and has within it a bird recovery center; to visit the “Dancing Rocks” features.
  • Overcoming Grottacalda and preseguendo towards Valguarnera is located the headquarters of the Mining Park Floristella-Grottacalda where you can book a tour to discover the history of carusi illustrated with beautiful black and white photos on display in the Palazzo Pennisi (Ph. +39 0935.958105).
  • R.N.O. Monte Altesina and Lake Nicoletti – The Monte Altesina Reserve has an area of 701 hectares with a height of 1,100 meters. And you can make nature trails on foot; Nicoletti the nearby artificial lake is home to the “Yacht Club Three Lakes” where you can go canoeing, water skiing and sailing.
  • The territory of Enna province is characterized by the presence of many other artificial lakes: the dam Olivo, Pozzillo, the Ancipa Dam, Lake dell’Ogliastro.