Organic Almonds

Mandorle biologiche della Sicilia

In our farm you can taste and buy organic almonds harvested every September and certified by ECOGRUPPO Italy srl; we are proud to receive each year appreciation from our consumers throughout Italy for our almond is shelled in shell that naturally, or with the skins brown and not roasted, which recommend a daily intake of 6 seeds every morning to keep in good health; between the various cultivars of almonds produced in Sicily our stand for appearance, taste and flavor: real pastries natural.

  • We are present in the Tuttobio Bio Bank Database

    The farm is based on the production of organic almonds on 14 hectares of land. The cultivars are Ferragnes and Thunder, sweet almond to a tender shell that are appreciated and sold directly to consumers, most of whom are loyal Solidarity Purchasing Groups of Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Lazio. We are certified Organic ECOGRUPPO Italy srl. Mechanized harvest takes place every September and we remove the husk directly in the field; after drying in the sun the almonds are stored and proceed to their shelling and cleaning impurities from October to December and simultaneously proceed evasion orders with its packaging and shipping parcels through courier SDA Express.

    Currently we have available our organic almonds harvested in September for direct sale on the spot or by courier.


    From 22 to 25 October 2015 our almonds were highly appreciated the organic market of the Fiera di Trento “Fa La Cosa Giusta” (Do The Right Thing).