Equestrian Tourism


We organize many activities for the whole family: horseback riding, saddle baptisms, guided tour in the district with a description of the agricultural activities, archery. Available social games, tourist guides, books. In September you can participate in the harvest almonds while October and November to the cleaning of the almonds.

Treat yourself to an experience of riding one hour or more and enjoy nature making Equestrian Tourism.

With 20 euros you can take an hour of horseback riding or a lesson in the school field and this is safe and in the price is included daily temporary insurance.

If you want a horse but you cannot afford we will give you the opportunity to use one of our people will continue to keep us and you can mount it using our saddle and harness, and we will give you the necessary assistance to make friends with the horse and then work on the flat in our field school in sand and guided excursions. All this is just 80 Euros per month. We are also authorized to release you the A1 license with annual personal insurance and risk for others.

We are an equestrian center affiliated to Fitetrec-Ante and practice the Equestrian Tourism with our eight horses friends: Onion, Lola, Sophia, Forrest-Gump, Nutella, Nicole Kidman, O’Rey, Le Roy Gas. Reservation can be made in our riding lessons with a golf school in sand 20 × 40 meters, or beautiful horse rides from 1 hour to a full day (for the experienced and trained). Baptisms saddle for those who want to ride a horse for the first time. All this with the supervision of our riding companions. Possibility ‘of having half of the available trust a horse riding school at 80 € monthly. Our center is authorized to issue the membership card A1 valid one year throughout the national territory, including insurance and risk for others at 45 €.

They are available to our guests the children’s play area, the outdoor pool 6 × 12, the BBQ area with a gazebo and hammocks surrounded by well-kept garden. To all our guests we offer a guided tour in the district in which we tell the story and illustrate our agricultural activities.