March 2016

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  • The Mandorleto gets a new look

    We are an organic farm certified ECOGRUPPO Italy Srl since 1995 producing almonds in 14 hectares of land that we collect in September and sell directly to end consumers. Since 2001 we started the business of B & B and after many renovations, finally in 2006 we were accredited three ears farm holidays in wich we […]

  • Hades’ head back to Aidone

    Another magnificent archaeological piece falls from America and further enhances the Archaeological Museum of Aidone (ENNA). This is the head of the god of the underworld Hades, dubbed Bluebeard for residues of color found. In short, the very author of the mythical “Rape of Proserpina” took place in the shores of Lake Pergusa is featured […]